Protect yourself: Fake EMUC22 websites and scam emails

Protect yourself: Fake EMUC22 websites and scam emails

Planning to attend EMUC22? Protect yourself against registration and hotel booking scams. Here’s how:

  1. Register via EMUC22’s official website only

The official registration webpage for EMUC22 is

Congress Consultants B.V. is the only organisation handling registrations for EMUC22. Congress Consultants B.V. is based in Arnhem, the Netherlands, and does not operate outside the country.

Authentic emails from Congress Consultants B.V. will have the following domain names in the email addresses:

  1. Book your hotel room through K.I.T. Group GmbH

K.I.T. Group GmbH is the only official housing agency in charge of hotel bookings for EMUC22. For individual or group bookings, and other important information please go to

  1. Report and block phishing emails

Beware of fake EMUC22 registration and accommodation offers received via email. Avoid them at all costs. Phishing emails will come from unofficial organisations such as Expo Hotel Services using the fake email address  and the unsecured website

Report emails coming from these organisations as spam and block them.  Always be aware of disclosing your information to third parties.

Register only via EMUC22’s official website to guarantee authentic registration.