Uropathology training workshop in Milan

Uropathology training workshop in Milan

A uropathology training workshop will be offered for free during the 8th European Meeting on Urological Cancers (EMUC16) which will be held in Milan, Italy from November 24 to 27. The workshop is titled “Joint histological evaluation of the prostate, bladder and kidney specimens by the uropathologist and the clinician: Together, we can do it better.”

The one-hour workshop on November 26 will be presented by Prof. Rodolfo Montironi (IT) of the Institute of Pathological Anatomy and Histopathology, Università Politecnica delle Marche. Joining Montironi as discussants are Prof. Antonio Lopez-Beltran (PT) and Dr. Susan Morgan (GB).

“We can benefit if both the clinician and uropathologist will collaborate and conduct a joint evaluation since a collaborative approach can provide more clinical and prognostic information than that contained in the final histopathology report,” said Montironi, adding that the clinician will have a clearer understanding of the pre-operative features of the cancer.

Additional information from the pathologist will also enable clinicians to have insights on intra-operative findings and a better postoperative follow-up plan for the patient. On the other hand, pathologists will gain a clearer understanding of the significance of their work and how it impacts the clinical decision-making process.

The workshop panel will discuss key points using virtual slides of prostate, bladder and kidney tumours. A focus of the workshop will be on the recently updated World Health Organization (WHO) classification of prostate, bladder and kidney cancers, including the re-classification of some previously recognized tumours and the addition of new subtypes that were not included in the 2004 WHO classification.

Participants will not only be informed about the recent changes made to the WHO classification of prostate, bladder and kidney epithelial tumours, but will also learn how to use morphologic clues in diagnosing these malignancies. Another highlight will be a comprehensive understanding on biomarker use for evaluating various subtypes of urological cancers.

A limited number of 20 participants can join the workshop for free and interested EMUC16 delegates can register for this workshop via the online registration system.