What to do when faced with a nightmare PCa case

Imagine a treatment strategy not working on your patient. The situation escalates and the patient suffers from complications. What do you do? The “Nightmare Session: It could happen to you…” at the upcoming 11th European Multidisciplinary Congress on Urological...

Keeping EMUC19 relevant for young onco-urology specialists

A multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of urological cancers may have become more commonplace over the past decade, but young professionals still benefit from having a voice when the scientific programme for EMUC19 is made. The 11th European Multidisciplinary...

EMUC18 addresses current dilemmas in mPCa treatment

What is the role of cell-free circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) in the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer (mPCa)? How do we treat oligometastasis? These were some of the questions raised during Plenary Session 12 “Current dilemmas in the management...
Emuc18 Alison Birtle

Video: Update on POUT Trial

Dr. Alison Birtle (GB) discussed the updates on the trial to PeriOperative chemotherapy or sUrveillance in upper Tract urothelial cancer, also known as POUT.

Video: Radiomics: Images are more than pictures

Prof. Philippe Lambin (NL) and Dr. Jochen Walz (FR) discuss the emerging radiomic technologies. “Medical images hold more information than the human eye can identify. It has great potential for improving PCa management in the future.”

EMUC18 grants recognition to promising urologists

Four promising urologists were granted awards at EMUC18 today. Chairs Dr. Jan Oldenburg (NO), Prof. Theo De Reijke (NL) and Prof. Dr. Thomas Wiegel (DE) handed out the Best Oral Presentation Award and three Best Unmoderated Poster awards. Dr....
EMUC interactive audience

New developments in PCa evaluation: Pathology & Radiomics

EMUC prides itself on being a multidisciplinary meeting on genito-urinary cancers and one draw for the audience is the opportunity to ask experts from other disciplines for an honest view on shared problems in diagnosis and treatment. Such was...
EMUC18 Karim Fizazi

Video: Update on PROSPER & SPARTAN Trials

In his lecture “Early hormonal manipulation in M0 CRPC”, Prof. Dr. Karim Fizazi (FR) stated that M0 CRPC is a rare situation and will become even rarer If next-generation imaging is used.

Identifying the frail kidney cancer patient

The first day of EMUC18 came to a close with a session on kidney cancer, specifically on the frailty of renal cancer patients. Dr. Umberto Capitanio (Milan, IT) gave a talk on the definitions of frailty, and the ways...